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Insight Mentoring Services

Autism | Social Skills | Behavioral Consultation + Independence | Balance | Success

Mission: To provide and equip our clients with the skills needed to be most effective in the world we live. Through peer supported groups, community outings, and 1:1 mentoring sessions, we learn and grow together.

Vision: We  believe that there is no better moment to learn from than the present, and no better classroom than the world we live in.


The more we know, the more we grow, the more we grow the more we go.

Individualized Consultation

One to one mentoring to explore, nurture and practice Social Skills, Job Skills and Independent Living Skills.

Social Club/Peer Outing Facilitation

Our Social Groups, “Club Outbound” and "Club Endeavor" meet for Weekly Community outings to learn about and grow in the following areas: Fun and Recreation, Outdoor involvement, Health and Fitness, Safety, Education, Work, Home Life, Independent living, and Travel.

Parent/Family Consultation

Meeting with the parents and family of a client can improve productivity, reinforce learned skills and encourage success.

Observation and Program Reports

Being present at a team member's activity and in the classroom can be beneficial and is essential for growth. Written consultation/referral reports are provided upon request.

About Us

The team at Insight Mentoring Services is committed to excellence and confidentiality

Justin has over 20 years of experience in mentoring others to earn an independent lifestyle and to live life to the fullest.

Justin D. Larson


Ras is full of life and life lessons! He will help with the encompassing goal of living life independently and responsibly.

Ras Alfini


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Jenna Shectman

Picture & info coming soon!

Judy assists with the Insight Mentoring website, team communications and payments. She really enjoys helping others!

Judy Mankus

Administrative Support

Contact Insight Mentoring Services

Email: Info@InsightMentoring.org Telephone: 773.679.7426

Amazing Things Happen

A beautiful video explaining Autism to stimulate understanding and tolerance in future generations.


What are people saying about Insight Mentoring Services

"Being a part of the Insight Mentoring Services team has given me a chance to get to know others my age and I really enjoy the activities that Justin plans. He is an exceptional leader and a really good friend to everyone!" Ruby
Please contact us to submit your review of Insight Mentoring LLC.InsightMentoringInfo@gmail.com
Please contact us to submit your review of Insight Mentoring LLC.could be YOU!